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Holocaust Music Classes Kindergarten —12th Grade
Dr. Freeman teaches grade/age-appropriate lessons of morality and courage through children’s songs composed in Holocaust ghettos and concentration camps. Her beautiful singing voice engages elementary, middle school, and high school students to sing poignant Holocaust lullabies, folk songs, work songs, and partisan songs in their original Yiddish language with English translations. The amazing journeys of young Holocaust composers "come to life" through Dr. Freeman’s inspiring historical narratives. She also plays children’s Holocaust pieces on her 1935 Joseph Bausch viola, a priceless instrument that was rescued from the Nazis.
Dr. Freeman's Holocaust music classes are coordinated with administrators and teachers so that the School Community's culture and goals are valued. They are custom-designed and grade/age-appropriate in order to respect the cognitive and emotional development of the students. Dr. Freeman's classes also adhere to the key themes of the New Jersey state mandated Kindergarten - 12th grade Holocaust Curriculum:
Elementary School: Friendship, Respect, Community, Peace
Music includes Oifn Pripitchik (By the Fireside), Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Raisins with Almonds), Patshe Kikhelekh (Clap Your Hands)
Middle School: Discrimination, Ghettos and Concentration Camps, Resistance, Liberation
Music includes Nit Keyn Rozhinkes und Nit Keyn Mandlen (No More Raisins, No More Almonds), Yeder Ruft Mich Zhamele (They Call Me Zhamele), Shtiler Shtiler (Quiet, Quiet)
High School: Prejudice, Persecution, Fascism, Genocide, Teenage Heroes
Music includes Ani Mamin (I Believe), Geto (Ghetto), Yungt Himen (Youth Hymn)

Dr. Tamara Freeman is a certified Kindergarten - 12th grade vocal and instrumental music teacher.  She taught K-12 public school music for over 30 years. Her Holocaust music lessons are infused with her engaging and flexible teaching style.  Her classroom management is organized, calm, and respectful. Dr. Freeman's genuine warmth toward children is evident in each of her presentations. 

Using Holocaust Music to Encourage Racial Respect: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Grades K-12 is the title of Dr. Freeman's doctoral dissertation. Her Holocaust Music Education Curriculum is the first and only K-12 Holocaust Music Curriculum published in the U.S.

Copyright © 2011 Tamara Freeman.  All Rights Reserved.